Want to see how you can send SMS with LOX24, prevent fraud and how our customers use the service. Then take a look at our articles:

Send Voice and SMS with Symfony

Follow these steps to send SMS and voice notifications in Symfony. Integrating SMS notifications into your Symfony application can significantly improve user experience and engagement.

Mails in SMS umwandeln und so via SMS Gateway versenden

With Mail2SMS you can send SMS directly by e-mail without the need for any technical knowledge. A mail SMS gateway is a service that converts e-mails into SMS and forwards them to the desired recipients.


LOX24 SMS integrates seamlessly with RSA SecurID, a leading identity and access management platform, providing a secure and convenient way to verify users via SMS.

Send SMS with windows powershell

You can send SMS with the PowerShell. Simply use the SMS API interface from LOX24. In this article, we show you how to do it.

SMS Marketing

Text messages are an effective way of reaching your customers and increasing sales.

Auth0 2FA with LOX24

Our SMS integration allows you to use LOX24 as an MFA provider for Auth0, so you can send one-time passwords (OTPs) or verification codes to your users via SMS or voice call. With guaranteed delivery and GDPR compliant.

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