Our experience and quality for your business

LOX24 is a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) in Europe and has more than 18 years of experience. Thousands of our customers use our interfaces daily to send text messages. And thanks to our innovative anti-fraud API, numerous potential fraud cases are also detected at an early stage.

Your Global CaaS Provider

Who is LOX24

18 years of quality Made in Germany

Our philosophy

Excellence is in the detail


Quality is always our priority. We want our services to be a solution for our customers, we don’t want to create new problems.


Our services should cover a wide range of functions but at the same time be easy to use. Simple integrability of our interfaces is the goal.


We do without long contract texts, we do without setup fees and we do not believe in contract periods. Our data protection is completely transparent.

LOX24 is uncomplicated

We want to make your business process easier.

With our services we want to offer you added value. Our products are the solution to your problem. Due to the very high quality level and at the same time attractive prices compared to the market, we do not create any new poblems for you. This includes a transparent pricing system, as well as simple and lean interfaces.

Favorable rates and planning security

We offer tiered rates with potential savings and constant prices. We do without fixed costs.

State of the art

We provide our telecommunications services in accordance with European standards. In addition, we rely on industry standards with our APIs.

SMS über den SMS Gateway versenden
No contract commitment

We do not want to bind you with a contract, but with your satisfaction.

Many interfaces

With web interface, API and software integrations, we have the right interface for every application.

LOX24 is quality

Enabling the best service.

Low-cost services and high quality at the same time do not need to be a contradiction. We work without unnecessary functions and focus on lean administration. We want our customers to be convinced by our quality, not our sales team, so we focus on proactive quality management and continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement

Our idea management ensures that ideas from customers and employees are taken up and not discarded. We use many of these ideas to improve product, process and service quality.

Consistently high quality

Ensuring delivery quality is our top priority. A proactive quality assurance system identifies issues and proactively leverages redundancies before you are impacted.

Personal support

Our support is available 24/7 via email. And for your account there is always a personal contact person who can help if something doesn't work out as desired.

Uncompromising security

Our systems are designed with multiple redundancy, which means that downtime can be reduced to an absolute minimum. An availability guarantee of 99.9% is a natural for us.

LOX24 is Made in Germany

International with German virtues

Unlike foreign companies, we are subject to the German Telecommunications Act with its strict data protection requirements. This also includes regulation by the German Federal Network Agency. Your data will not be resold, intercepted or otherwise misused. Nevertheless, we can reach just about all networks worldwide via SMS.
Worldwide availability

With a single connection, you can reach 800 networks worldwide with us, and thus almost any cell phone.

No data retention

In accordance with the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court, we do not retain your communications data.

Preservation of the secrecy of telecommunications

As a German company, we are obliged to maintain the secrecy of telecommunications in accordance with § 1 TTDSG.

Data security

According to § 9 TTDSG we use your sensitive data only to provide our communication service.