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small-teamLOX24 is one of the biggest providers of Mobile Messaging Applications (A2P,P2P,M2M) in Germany. More and more companies deliver their important business messages with LOX24. As SMS provider, we are known for our provision of reliable and uncompromising connections. Our main objective is the secure transition of entrusted messages, while complying with the data protection and offering our service for a small price.

Who is LOX24

Who we are

We are an owner-managed German telecommunications company, predominantly active in the mobile marketing sector.

What we do

We develop and run applications and interfaces, so our customers can send text messages to their clients.

Our services

Together with our clients, we develop individual communications solutions. Furthermore, we offer an SMS gateway (HTTP, SOAP, XML), a web interface (single and bulk SMS), and software interfaces (Outlook, Windows, Theorg).

Our history

Founded more than 12 years ago as an SMS service for private clients, we evolved into an European B2B-telecommunication business. Since years, we meet the high requirements of our business clients from all over Europe.

Our promise

We promise that we will offer reasonable and uncomplicated services. Furthermore, we promise to meet the harsh legal requirements for data protection, thus keeping you safe.

Why LOX24



More than 5000 clients from all over Europe trust in our services.

Our Philosophy



Our focus always lies on quality. We want to offer services that handle the problems of our clients, not create new ones.


Our services should focus on the essentials and thus should be easy to use. The target is to easily integrate our interfaces.


We want to go without the small print and long, confusing contracts. No fix costs and no daily price changes, only stability for planning.

LOX24 is uncomplicated

With our communication services, we create added value for you and your customers. Therefore we offer highest quality products and allow attractive saving potential in comparison to other products on the market. In close contact with you, we define the perfect product for you. At the same time, we keep our services as simple as possible. This means a transparent pricing system, as well as a simple and slim interface.

Affordable Charges and Planning Security

Due to our progressive prices based on the paid amount, you can buy bigger SMS packages for cheaper prices. No fix costs will be charged at any time.

Standardized Services

Our telecommunications services meet the European norms. In addition, we operate with industrial standards like SOAP, XML and HTTP.

Uncomplicated Interfaces

Our interfaces are easy to use, thus decreasing your implementing efforts.

No Binding Contracts

We refrain from minimum term of contracts, for we are certain you will be satisfied with our services for a long time.

LOX24 is Quality

Affordable services and maintaining a high quality are not contradicting each other. We spare unnecessary functions and rely on a slim administration. Our clients should be convinced by our quality, not by our sales team. Therefore we work with a proactive quality management and continuous improvement.


Our systems are designed in a multiple redundant way in order to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. For us, guaranteeing 99,9% availability goes without saying.

Constant Improvement

Our conceptions management makes sure that the ideas of clients and coworkers are given a try, rather than simply discarding them. Many of these ideas are implemented in order to increase the product-, process-, and service quality.

Personal Support

Quality is important for us. That’s why you will always have a personal contact person. We spare on anonymous and unqualified support.


Ensuring the transmission quality is our focus. In respective situations, a proactive quality backup system will automatically switch to another grid connection.

LOX24 is German and International

Contrary to foreign businesses, we are governed by the German law of telecommunication and it’s strict demands for data protection. This includes the regulations from the Federal Network Agency. Your data will not be resold, intercepted, or misused in any way. Nevertheless we are able to reach nearly any network worldwide via SMS.

Worldwide Availability

With us, with only one connection you are able to reach 800 networks worldwide and are thus able to reach nearly any mobile phone.

Protecting the Secrecy of Telecommunications

As a German company, we are bound to protect the secrecy of telecommunications per §88 TKG (Law of Telecommunications)

No Data Preservation

In compliance with the Federal Court of Law we do not preserve your communications data.

Safeness of your Data

As per §96 TKG, we only use your sentient data to deliver our communications services.