A2P SMS Provider

Allow your applications to send automated SMS through SMS API

What is A2P SMS?

A2P SMS means ‘application-to-person’ SMS, so it’s the Delivery of a SMS from a software to a person. Usually the software is an application which is operated through a company. This application sends automated SMS to the telephone of the end-user, which can not only be customers but also employees of your company. Examples of these applications are notifications of a credit card company about sales figures, booking confirmations, reminders for appointments of doctors and workshops or security codes for the login on a website or by a bank, right before the transaction is completed (2FA). One can therefore also call A2P SMS a professional SMS.

In contrast, there is the P2P SMS. The SMS will not be sent by an application, but instead from a telephone. These can be private SMS and also not automatically processed business SMS, for example appointment reminders manually sent by the doctor’s assistant.

Why A2P SMS instead of A2P emails?


of all SMS will be read within 5 minutes


of all emails will not be opened at all


of the worldwide population receives SMS, only 16% have internet


telephone networks worldwide are connected to LOX24

How does A2P SMS work?

A2P-SMS applications commonly use SMS providers like LOX24, which have a SMS-Gateway or SMS-API. This way, an automated SMS can be sent with the help of a HTTP request. It can be integrated into the software application of a company just as easily as the delivery of an email.

One example for the delivery of a SMS via HTTP Request and the LOX24 A2P Api:


Download API

The most important advantages of A2P SMS

High availability of SMS

Sending SMS is availabe on each phone worldwide, whether it is an Apple or Android device.

No data plan

SMS can be received without the need of an internet connection.

Different SMS interfaces

Use HTTP-Request-, SOAP-, XML or Mail2SMS interfaces.

Outbound and Inbound

You can send SMS via port, but also receive SMS on your (own) phone number.

Low SMS prices

You can send SMS worldwide for a minimum of 1 cent: Pricelist

Data security

As a German telecommunications company the secrecy of communications applies to us.

Statistics & delivery report

You receive delivery reports and are able to access your itemized bill anytime.

No fixed costs

There is no base fee, no set-up fee, and no minimal sale.