Reduce „No-Shows“ up to 90%

Combine Google calendar or the Outlook calendar with SMS reminders.

Automatically send SMS reminders

Do your customers forget about their appointments

Do you unnecessarily lose time waiting? Or are you busy calling your customers over and over again? With our SMS reminder service you can remind your customers automatically via SMS of their appointments and events. You also have the option to receive responses of your customers via email or SMS.

And why do we use SMS for reminders?

Our service for SMS reminders is the best. The reason why is because our service works with the google calendar and the outlook calendar. That means, new and expensive software is not required. Both calendars are very user-friendly and next to that, our SMS are significantly cheaper.

With #Number in your calendar you get a SMS Reminder delivered to your customers.

Our SMS reminders are extremely user-friendly

Our service is built very simple. You don’t need to read extensive guides or train your employees. There is simply a Hashtag (#) with a phone number added to the appointments to which you want to send the reminders. Every other process runs automatically in the background.

Example: Attach #017012345678 to your appointment and we will send a reminder automatically to this number.

The most important advantages when using our SMS reminders

SMS will be read

Save your time writing mails. Only 30 % of all emails will actually be opened. And even less will be read just in time. SMS reminders on the other hand will be read within 5 minutes in 90 % of all cases.

All networks are covered

We send SMS all over the world. All telephone networks are covered, so that you don’t need to worry about the delivery. Even customers with a foreign number will be reached.

Replies are also possible

Writing replies via SMS is easy and  less connected to inhibitions than a call. Let your customers reschedule their appointments or ask for further information via SMS reply.

The integration is simple

Our service works together with the google calendar and also with the outlook calendar. New software is not required. Google calendar is free and can be used on a computer, telephone, or tablet.

A telephone is expensive

The working time you spend on calls to remind your customers about their appointments is very expensive. You might easily spend five minutes looking up a phone number, call, and hang up again.

Not only SMS but also voice calls

Instead of sending an SMS you can also send voice messages. Our computer reads out your message on the phone. Our Text-to-Speech system even works in different languages.

A confirmation is a guarantee

Or go a step further and ask your customers to confirm their appointment via SMS. If a customer confirms an appointment personally, he is less likely to cancel.

Low costs

There are no costs for the software. You only pay your sent reminders. Without base or set-up fees for fair prices starting by just a few cents.

How does it work?

So how does it work?

It is very simple. Depending on whether you use the outlook calendar or the google calendar, you either have to install a small program or change a few settings in your web-account on our website.

And how will the SMS reminders be sent?

We will connect with your calendar and automatically check if there are appointments for which a reminder should be sent. You can decide for yourself when that would be the case by adding a # and the phone number to the appointment.

And when will the SMS be sent?

You can adjust this option in your settings. You can send your SMS reminders several hours in advance and you can also change the text of the SMS in your settings.

What does it cost in total?

It does not cost you any period of vocational adjustment, you don’t have any purchase costs for new software, no base fees, no monthly minimum sales and the prices per SMS reminders start at 1 cent and in the most expensive case only cost 7 cent. How much specifically depends on the destination and the prepaid fee. You can find further information in our pricelist.

Google Calendar Reminders

Outlook Calendar Reminders

And why are we the perfect partner for you?

Because we do not only provide you with an easy to use product, but also because we have a lot of experience in sending low-priced SMS all over the world.
More than 12 years of experience as an owner-operated german company in Berlin with worldwide connections
No contract commitment, because our customers are very satisfied and stay even without a contract term
Affordable rates without any fixed costs – You only pay per SMS, not more
Proactive quality management, so that you don't need to worry about not delivered SMS

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The perfect solution for your SMS reminders


Keep your current software

You don’t need to install further software or let your employees learn the ropes. Use the user-friendly google calendar free of charge for your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You may also use the outlook calendar.

Trust and Privacy

The telecommunications secrecy will be retained. Your data and the data of your customers will not be shared with third-party companies and only used for the delivery of SMS.

Low costs

You only pay per SMS. There are no base or set-up fees and no monthly minimum sales. The fair prices start at 1 cent/SMS depending on the destination.