Send SMS with Outlook

With our free Outlook addin you can send SMS directly from Outlook. As single SMS, bulk SMS and appointment reminders.

Send SMS with Outlook

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Automatic appointment reminders with Outlook

With our small add-in for Microsoft Outlook (all Windows versions) you can automatically send SMS reminders and confirmations for appointments to your customers and employees. You work in the normal Outlook calendar and only add the target phone numbers to your appointments.

Put an end to no-shows for less than 7 cents.

Easily send SMS appointment reminders

Our service is very easy. In the text field of an appointment, simply enter a hashtag (#) with the phone numbers to which you want to send the reminders.

You can define the text in advance, as well as the times when the SMS should be sent. So, for example, 24h before an appointment.

Ex: #+17012345678 attached to your appointment, and we will automatically send the appointment reminder to that number.

SMS Appointment Reminder in Outlook
LOX24 is uncomplicated

Why LOX24 is the right solution

Our solution to automatically send SMS reminders from the calendar is very easy. You just install the add-in on your Windows computer, define the text template once and attach the phone numbers to the respective appointments. Except for the SMS, you pay nothing for the add-in and no basic fee.

No basic fee

You pay no setup fee with us, no basic fee and there is no minimum purchase. You can terminate the contract at any time.

Cheap prepaid SMS

You pay only a few cents per SMS. Making sure your customer doesn’t forget their appointment costs you no more than 7 cents per appointment.

SMS über den SMS Gateway versenden
Free add-in

First, the free SMS Outlook Add-In is installed. This allows you to send SMS directly from your Outlook and Outlook address book.

European data protection

German telecommunications secrecy applies. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties. You don’t have to worry about data privacy.

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Yes, you can use multiple calendars and even shared calendars are not a problem.

Of course, you can also send confirmations via SMS when an appointment is created. Also as a combination with a reminder, if desired.

We also have a solution for Google Calendar.

With pleasure. You can sign up with us with no obligations at all and have 50 cents free for testing.

Yes, if you send an Economy SMS, you can receive free replies to your SMS by mail in Germany and Switzerland.

Test now for free!

You can test the SMS sending and automatic reminders for free. Sign up and get 50 cents free for your first SMS, with no obligations.