Construction site delivery notification via SMS

Über das Projekt

It is very hard to give a specific delivery appointment due to traffic and routing, as well as short termed changes. But especially for delivering to construction sites, the right consumer has to be at the site at the right time In order to ensure that the consumer is there and the delivery takes place, an SMS is a simple tool. At first, the delivery day will be announced via e-mail or mail. Then, at the scheduled day, the delivery can be announced via SMS an hour before its definite arrival. This raises customer satisfaction, for he doesn’t need to be at the site from 8 am – 6 pm, but can plan his day accordingly. At the same time, waiting time or failed delivery attempts are prevented, thus reducing the delivery expenses. The customer can also reach the sender ID via call or SMS, in case he needs more information about the order or wants to change the delivery appointment.


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