Windows SMS two-factor authentication with ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus from ManageEngine is an integrated self-service password management and single sign-on solution. To improve security, ADSelfService Plus provides Windows two-factor authentication for all remote and local logins.

LOX24 is compatible with ADSelfService, so you can send your 2FA passwords securely and quickly with LOX24 as SMS. Windows two-factor authentication via SMS has the advantage that you can implement this quickly in the company. The employees all already have a cell phone, so there is no need to purchase new hardware. In addition, users are already familiar with two-factor authentication via SMS, so the support effort for the IT department is limited.

LOX24 offers you the great advantage of German data protection. The service is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (DGSVO), is subject to supervision by the Federal Network Agency as a registered telecommunications company, and ensures German telecommunications secrecy in accordance with the Telecommunications Act. In addition, only sent SMS are charged, there is no basic fee and no setup fee, making the implementation of a 2FA for Windows login or individual Windows applications not a big cost factor.

In ADSelfService Plus go to the server settings. There you can configure the mail server but also the SMS server.

ADSelfService Plus SMS Settings
Configuration of ADSelfService Plus for LOX24 SMS is done within 5 minutes
  • Select “Custom” as SMS provider
  • Send SMS via “HTTP
  • The HTTP method is “Publish” (Put)
  • Enter the following as HTTP URL:
  • For HTTP parameters, enter the following. Replace Sender ID with a text of up to 11 characters or a phone number of up to 15 digits:

“text”: “%message%”,
“sender_id”: “yourSender”,
“phone”: “%mobNo%”,
“service_code”: “direct”

  • Response from the supplier is “Erfolg”
  • Failure answer “Fehler”
  • In the HTTP request header enter your customer no. and the API key (v2):

Content-Type: application/json
X-LOX24-AUTH-TOKEN: e3f3a759b6677959b6ebfcxxxxxxxxxx
X-LOX24-CLIENT-ID: 1234567

Do not activate the two fields below.

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