How to use Symfony SMS & Voice Notifications

Follow these steps to send SMS and voice notifications in Symfony. Integrating SMS notifications into your Symfony application can significantly improve user experience and engagement.

If you have a symfony application, it automatically has the ability to send SMS messages and even voice calls thanks to our SMS gateway. All without much programming. The fastest and cheapest way to integrate Symfony SMS and voice notifications into your symfony system.

How to Enhance Your Symfony Application with SMS Notifications

In the digital age, staying connected to your users is critical, and what better way to do that than with instant SMS notifications? Symfony, a robust PHP framework, offers seamless integration with SMS services, allowing you to send timely updates directly to your users’ phones. Here’s how to use Symfony’s SMS Notifier component to set up an SMS and Voice channel for your application.

Understand the power of Voice and SMS notifications: 

Before we dive into the technical details, let’s explore the types of notifications you can send and the benefits they bring:

Transactional Messages:

These are critical for keeping users informed about their account activities, such as password resets, order confirmations, and shipping updates. They enhance user trust and engagement.

Promotional Messages:

Use SMS to boost your marketing efforts by sending out alerts about sales, special events, or exclusive offers. They can significantly increase conversion rates.

Informational Messages:

Keep your audience updated with regular news, tips, or reminders. This consistent engagement builds a loyal user base.

The benefits of integrating Voice & SMS with Symfony:

There are several benefits to integrating SMS notifications into your Symfony application:

High Engagement: SMS messages boast a 98% open rate, ensuring your communication is seen.
Speed and Convenience: Deliver messages instantly and allow users to receive updates anywhere, anytime.
Reliability: SMS doesn’t rely on internet connectivity, making it a dependable channel for urgent notifications.
Voice: Instead of a text message, you can also send voice calls directly.
Price: SMS are significantly cheaper than Whatsapp or RCS.
Data security: You can automatically delete the content of your SMS immediately after sending it
How to: Send Symfony SMS Notifications with LOX24

Implementing Voice and SMS Notifications in Symfony

Now let’s get to the exciting part – the implementation. Follow these steps to set up your application to send Symfony SMS notifications with the LOX24 Notifier:
  1. Install the Notifier Component: Begin by installing Symfony’s Notifier component along with a bridge for LOX24.
    1. Installcomposer require symfony/lox24-notifier
    2. Fix DSN: Open .env file and fix parameter LOX24_DSN: LOX24_DSN=lox24://USER:TOKEN@default?from=FROM&type=TYPE&voice_lang=VOICE_LANGUAGE&delete_text=DELETE_TEXT&callback_data=CALLBACK_DATA
      • USER:TOKEN is the LOX24 API v2 key (see Admin page -> Settings -> API Settings -> Create new key -> Choose “API v2”)
      • FROM is the sender of the message, e.g. “taxi”
      • TYPE of message: “sms” (by default) or “voice” per voice message
      • if TYPE set to “voice” then VOICE_LANGUAGE (optional) is the language of the voice message. If parameter missed, then language will be auto-detected.
      • (optional) if DELETE_TEXT is 1- remove SMS text from the database after sending, 0 (by default) – store SMS text in DB
      • (optional) CALLBACK_DATA any string up to 36 character which will be sent back to your endpoint if you set-up “” notifications (see Admin page -> Settings -> Notifications)
  2. Send Your Messages:
					use Symfony\Component\Notifier\Message\SmsMessage;
use Symfony\Component\Notifier\TexterInterface;


$message = new SmsMessage('+49170000000', 'Hello World');

$sent = $this->texter->send($message);

echo "Message sent: {$sent?->getMessageId()}\n";
  1. Improve your application: See the official docs for Advanced Notifier options and use cases. Remember to test your implementation thoroughly to ensure reliable delivery of your messages.


Integrating SMS notifications into your Symfony application is a straightforward process that can significantly improve user experience and engagement. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to implementing a robust notification system that keeps your users informed and connected.

For more detailed instructions and best practices on setting up SMS notifications in Symfony, be sure to check out the official documentation and community forums.

Enhance your Symfony application today with the power of SMS notifications! More Information at: GitHub – symfony/lox24-notifier: Symfony LOX24 Notifier Bridge890

And why LOX24 as an SMS gateway?

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