Strike SMS

Strike management via SMS has two different areas of application. On the one hand the view of the company, which wants to inform its customers via SMS, on the other hand the view of the trade union, which wants to organize its members. As a company, you can inform your customers about a strike announced at short notice via SMS. This allows customers to prepare in good time and relieves your on-site staff. One of our aviation customers uses SMS to inform their customers about cancelled or delayed flights. At the airport, this prevents the formation of clusters of dissatisfied waiting passengers and overworked staff. Passengers can adjust to the new situation in good time by rebooking, arriving later, or choosing a different means of transport, and are at least more satisfied than if they had to wait on the spot. Unions, on the other hand, can inform their members specifically about short-term actions. Voting via SMS is also possible in principle, thus reducing the administrative effort while at the same time decreasing planning time.

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