SMS instead of waiting room at the doctor

A doctor’s appointment schedule cannot be planned precisely. Individual treatments take longer, emergencies come in and doctor idle time is not an option. For these reasons, there are sometimes long waiting times for patients, which are always annoying, but also sometimes not conducive to recovery. Modern practice software manages patients’ appointments and the queue for treatment and can thus calculate the expected time of treatment. If delays are detected by the system, or even by the staff, then the patient can be informed by SMS and thus spend the longer waiting time at home, at work, or in a nearby café. Half an hour before the treatment, the patient can then be informed so that he can reach the doctor in time. The waiting room empties through SMS and the satisfaction and health of the patients increases. Of course, simpler solutions are also possible. Patients can be reminded of their appointments automatically via Outlook or Google Calendar. This prevents customers from forgetting appointments that are often planned for the long term.

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