Automatic SMS notifications for online shopping

Hello. Your package with Sweater J&J Blue… can be picked up at the transport service or the specified pick-up location. This and similar SMS can be sent automatically from the backend of the online store to inform the customer about the current order status. In contrast to e-mail, the information reaches the customer at the exact moment when the new status is available. For example, the recipient is currently on his way home, receives an SMS informing him that his ordered item can be picked up at the parcel store, and can thus adjust his route. SMS also have the advantage that it unfortunately happens more and more often with parcel service providers that the notification cards do not land at the door or in the mailbox and so the recipient waits unsuspectingly for his package, while this has already been at the neighbor’s for days. An SMS of the online store can prevent this and thus increase customer satisfaction.

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