SMS Types

No matter how you want to use SMS in your business, we offer exactly the right kind of SMS.
We offer you different SMS types. These types have different characteristics. This includes the shipping time, the sender identification and the delivery rate. Depending on your application, you should select the appropriate SMS type. Direct SMS is always the first choice, but also slightly more expensive than Economy or Pro SMS. However, you can switch between SMS types at anytime.

If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.

Economy SMS

The cheap SMS
Price is valid for some countries like USA in the XL-rate
  • Cheap SMS for marketing
  • Shipping time varies
  • Sender identification is not freely selectable
  • Delivery is not guaranteed
  • 95% delivery rate


The professional SMS
Price is valid for some countries like USA in the XL-rate
  • SMS for notifications
  • fast delivery
  • Own sender-ID for many countries (11 character text or 15 digit number)
  • Delivery to almost all networks worldwide
  • 99% delivery rate

Direkt SMS

The secure SMS
Price applies to some countries such as Switzerland
  • SMS for critical applications
  • Extremely fast delivery
  • Delivery is guaranteed
  • Own Sender-ID in many countries (11 character text or 15 digit number)
  • 99.9% delivery rate

Transmission Time / Delivery Time

Based on your SMS type and whether you dispatch individual or bulk SMS, the delivery time varies accordingly. With Pro and Direct SMS, individual SMS will be dispatched immediately, and bulk SMS will be performed with 10 SMS/second. With Economy SMS, individual SMS will be delivered pretty fast as well, but bulk SMS might have some delay. With basic SMS, you can always count in a delayed dispatch.

Sender ID

Either a phone number (15 digits) or a text (11 letters) may be the sender ID. With Basic and Economy SMS you have no option to personalize your sender ID. Dispatching SMS to German networks with Basic/Economy SMS, will happen with a German mobile number as the sender ID. In case of response, you will receive it via mail/API. These numbers can not be called.


Answers will always be transferred to the given sender ID of an SMS. That’s why you won’t receive an answer when using text as sender ID. If you put your number as sender ID, the answer will be transferred directly to this number. With Basic/Economy SMS within Germany, our number is the sender ID, hence we are able to forward the answer via mail / API.


All types of SMS support the German, Austrian and Swiss networks. With Pro and Direct SMS we reach almost every network world wide. For international dispatch, Pro and Direct are your first choice. Feel free to ask us about special conditions.