SMS to schedule appointments

Time is an important resource to any business, something that is best used efficiently and wisely. That is why companies have enabled potential and existing customers to schedule appointments and make early reservations. This helps customers and employees choose between their most available times.

In certain situations, clients may forget their schedules or they may be unable to follow through with their appointments. To prevent this, continuous follow-ups are needed which can be quite tedious to some. That is why we’ve come up with a feature to enable automated text messaging to be incorporated to remind customers of their appointments and make mundane tasks easier.

Easy to remeber appointments

Why is it great to integrate our SMS appointment reminder?

  • Customers are sure to be reminded of their appointments. SMS is simple, fast and reliable. It requires no data connection and it transmits only small amounts of data connection, guaranteeing that the message will be delivered.
  • It provides a way for customers to confirm or cancel their attendance beforehand. Customers can respond to the automated sms reminder message if they wish to proceed or cancel, thereby avoiding “no-shows” or delays preventing any loss of profit.
  • It is easy to use. Using our service is easy as sending a text with a mobile phone. Just add a “#” (hashtag), followed by the recipient’s phone number when setting up an appointment. This will trigger an SMS appointment reminder to the recipient at a given time.
  • Setting it up is also easy. With just an online account, companies are able compose a text message and set the time the message should be sent.
  • There is no need to buy expensive appointment scheduling software. Our SMS reminder feature works with popular calendar applications (Such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar), thereby taking away the need to purchase other apps or software.
  • Affordable. Other platforms charge a fixed amount for their services, which can be costly to most startups and medium-sized businesses. Thankfully, our SMS-enabled service can deliver an sms appointment reminder for as low as €0.05 for each message.
Just add a #number to your appointment to send a sms reminder


Companies continue to develop formulas to make their businesses run more efficient. And through the use of text messaging, business owners will be able to reach out to customers in an instant. Thereby, decreasing the time spent on following up over the phone. This service is ideal to businesses of any size and to professionals many fields, such as: lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, hair stylists, hairdressers and fitness coaches. It allows them to allocate their precious time and effort to things that matter most.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate the use of text messaging in a company’s day to day operations. With being able to delivery reminders seamlessly, there is no greater way to start.

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