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SMS API and SMS Marketing: The LOX24 SMS Gateway enables the sending and receiving of SMS via a REST API. It offers maximum availability and guaranteed delivery. You can use it for marketing campaigns, two-factor authentication (2FA) and more.

It already supports applications such as Bitrix24, Auth0, RSA SecurID, Symfony, Theorg and Synology. For other applications, there is a Zapier integration that enables connections to more than 5000 applications.

SMS Produkte wie SMS API und Gateway um 2FA SMS, Mareting und vieles mehr zu senden

SMS products for you

2fa, Marketing und mehr mit dem LOX24 SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

The LOX24 SMS Gateway enables efficient communication with lightning-fast messages. The SMS gateway has connections to all networks worldwide and can be easily integrated into your application.

A wide range of applications such as two-factor authentication, marketing and appointment reminders can be realized via the SMS and voice messages of the LOX24 SMS Gateway.

What’s more, the LOX24 SMS Gateway is already integrated into a wide range of applications, so you don’t even have to program it.

Outlook and Google Calendar appointment reminders

With our extension for Outlook and our connection to Google Calendar, you can send SMS and appointment reminders by SMS. The whole thing can be fully automated so that you only have to create your appointments in the calendar and your SMS will be sent automatically. Usually much cheaper than by phone.

SMS Terminerinnerungen mit Outlook und Google senden
SMS Funktion per E-Mail in jede Anwendung integrieren


With our Mail2SMS service, you can send text messages from any application that can send e-mails. This means that all your applications are able to send SMS without programming. There is no easier way to integrate SMS dispatch into your application. You send an e-mail and we convert it into an SMS.

Mass SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing enables a large number of SMS messages to be sent simultaneously to a group of recipients. Companies use bulk SMS for advertising campaigns, customer notifications or information campaigns. It enables effective and profitable mobile marketing, sales communication, data authentication and customer service processes.

SMS are part of mobile marketing with outstanding effects
Virtuelle SMS Rufnummern zum SMS Empfang per API

Virtual SMS numbers

You can order virtual phone numbers from us that can receive your SMS. You can retrieve incoming SMS messages online, receive them by e-mail or query them via API. Launch marketing campaigns or optimize your two-factor authentication process with virtual inbound SMS numbers.

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Yes, text-only messaging is protected via the stricter Telecommunications Telemedia Privacy Act. Data processing beyond this is carried out in accordance with the rules of the GDPR.

You pay per SMS sent. Optional services such as link tracking and reply SMS cost extra. More details in the price list.

The SMS are forwarded to the network operator within a few seconds and reach the recipient without delays.

Yes, we support almost every network worldwide. You can send SMS all over the world, usually even cheaper than to Germany.

Yes, we also provide SMS API so that you can send your single or bulk SMS directly from your application.

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Whether you already have some experience with SMS marketing, we are the right partner for sending bulk SMS. We offer you a highly reliable and at the same time cost-effective service.