Sending SMS with the GFI FaxMaker and NetworkServerMonitor

You can use your GFI Software – like the famous FaxMaker – to send SMS with LOX24. All you have to do is to register for an LOX24 account and change the SMS settings in your software.


1. You must be subscribed to LOX24
2. Your SMTP server configured in the settings must be able to send e-mails
3. You need access to the internet


  1. From GFI FaxMaker Configuration, right-click SMS and select Properties.
  2. In General tab, select Enable SMS Gateway.
  3. Select Generic SMS service provider template and configure the following settings

If you are using the GFI NetworkServerMonitor:

  1. Right click on the ‘Alerting Options’ node and select ‘Properties’.
  2. Click on the ‘SMS’ tab and from the SMS System dropdown,
  3. Select ‘Generic SMS service provider template and configure the following settings
Sending SMS with the GFI FaxMaker and LOX24
Sending SMS with the GFI FaxMaker and LOX24

SMTP-Server: Specify your own mail server or the mail server of your service provider. You can use the same mail server which you are using to send your normal mails.

SMTP-Port: SMTP port number for the SMTP-Server defined above

From: Your mail address

To: [smsnumber] (Do not change this mail address, please include the [])

CC: (Optional) Enter the mail address where you want to get a copy of the mail/SMS

Subject: [smsmessage]

Body line 1: ID#Password#Service#From (You have to enter for ID, Password, Service and From your own data. Please keep # as seperator of the data)

Body line 2-x: empty

ID: LOX24-Account-Number. Also used for login. Example: 1234
Password: As password you use an API Key v1, which you can create in your web account under Settings and API Settings.
Service: Service ID/API-ID of the sms Type you want to use. You can find the ID in your Web-Account, first page, Dashboard. Example: 12345
From: Sender-ID. Max. 15 numbers or 11 text characters Number Examples: +491701234567,01701234567,00491701234567,Text:Abcdefghijk

  1. Click OK.

(Optional) To verify settings click Send test…. Key in a test recipient Number to send SMS to and customize the Text message. Click Send to send the test message. Verify that the test SMS is received by the test recipient.

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