More security with new API-Key

So far, LOX24 customers use the same password for the login to the customer account on our website and for the API interface (i.e. also for the Outlook AddIn or other external software you use).

To increase security we now separate these two passwords. In the future there will be a password for the login on our website. Besides there are API-Keys for the use of the SMS-API, the Outlook-AddIns and other software which is linked to our service.

You can see how it all works in this video:

In the API settings you can display, activate, delete and create keys. The keys are used for the SMS-API.

If in the future you want to use the API (also via external software like Outlook), you have to enter an API key instead of the account password. The account password will no longer work for new customers or if you change the account password. Also, unlike the account password, the API key is no longer encoded as MD5 hash value, but transmitted plain.

What changes for regular customers?

  1. For existing customers, everything will remain the same for the time being. If you change your account password, nothing will change for the API. The old password remains the first API key.
  2. We have automatically created an API key for you. This key matches the MD5 hash of your old account password. This means that the SMS transmission via the API continues as usual.
  3. You can view or delete the API key or create new (additional) API keys in the settings and then under API Settings. If you want to change the password for the API, do not change the account password, but create a new API key in the account.
A new key can be created under Settings and API Settings

Our recommendation:

Change your account password regularly in the “General settings” and set a new API key in the API settings. This ensures that your account is optimally secured and always up to date with the latest security technology.

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