Mail2SMS: SMS gateway simply by e-mail

With Mail2SMS you can send SMS directly by e-mail without the need for any technical knowledge. A mail SMS gateway is a service that converts e-mails into SMS and forwards them to the desired recipients.

If you have an application that can send e-mails, it automatically has the function to send SMS messages thanks to our SMS gateway. And all without any technical knowledge or programming effort. The fastest and cheapest way to integrate SMS dispatch into your system.

What is a Mail2SMS Gateway?

With Mail2SMS you can send text messages via SMS Gateway by simply sending an e-mail. The system then converts this e-mail into an SMS and sends it to one or more recipients. No additional programming is required for this solution, making it one of the easiest ways to integrate SMS dispatch into an existing system. More general information can also be found on Wikipedia.

A mail-SMS gateway is particularly suitable for situations in which:

Your application can send mails, but does not have free access to the Internet or to an SMS gateway
you want to forward an e-mail to a group of recipients
you are looking for a simple and fast solution for SMS campaigns
You want to trigger SMS messages from a database, a CRM system or an SQL server

The advantages of mail2sms are therefore manifold:

Compatibility with all e-mail solutions
the flexibility and simplicity of email formatting
No programmer is required
the ability to track, program and analyze SMS messages
the cost savings compared to conventional SMS services
the option to also send voice messages

Mail2SMS is therefore a practical and efficient way of sending SMS messages by e-mail that offers numerous functions and advantages.

Man checking his phone after sending a Mail

To send a Mail2SMS

We basically offer two different options for sending mails to the SMS gateway. You can send your mail to a single number or to a distribution list with several recipients.

The destination address of the e-mail has a very specific format which enables us to process your e-mail:


Enter your LOX24 customer number as user_id, the API key and the target number (phone).

The other parameters are all optional:

Use the SMS service(economy, pro, direct, text2speech) to specify the type of SMS you want to send. For example, instead of sending an SMS, you can trigger a voicemail call in which your text is read aloud. You can also specify the sender ID of the SMS (sender_id). You save these in your web account in advance and then select 1 or 2 or 3 using the sender ID number.

With text_source, you specify whether the subject of your mail (1), the text of your mail (2) or both (0) should be sent as SMS text.

Encoding lets you specify whether you are sending a normal GSM or Unicode SMS and max_sms_parts lets you limit the number of characters in your SMS.

An e-mail that sends an SMS to the number +1234567890 can then look like this:

Or with all optional parameters:

Send mail SMS to a group (distribution list)

You can also replace the phone parameter with a group. You save the recipients of your SMS online as an SMS distribution list. Instead of the target number, enter the ID of the group and replace with

We send your e-mail as an SMS to several recipients at the same time.

You can find out more in the interface documentation.

And why LOX24 as an SMS gateway?

LOX24 is the right choice for you if you are looking for a reliable provider with European data protection.

Transparent costs

We charge no basic fee, no minimum turnover and no set-up fee. You only pay prepaid for the SMS you send.

Guaranteed quality

Our SMS arrive. And without any problems or delays. You take care of the mail, we send the SMS.

German server

Our entire server infrastructure is located in Germany. No data is processed by us in third countries. Everything is GDPR compliant.

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