LOX24 allows you to convert your mails into SMS. Send a mail to our SMS interface and we will forward it as SMS to the recipient(s).

Send SMS by mail

SMS über den SMS Gateway versenden

Mail2SMS for single and bulk SMS

You send us a specially formatted email either manually or automatically from your system and we convert it into an SMS. The SMS is then sent to a single phone number or a group of recipients.

Mail2SMS the easy way

How to send your Mail2SMS

Single SMS

Variant 1: Phone number in the mail address
With this variant, the recipient’s phone number goes directly into the target mail address. All other data can be found in the subject and message body of the mail.
We will then forward the SMS with the text from the subject of the mail to the phone number in the mail address.
Variant 2: Phone number in mail text

In contrast to the first variant, the destination phone number is also in the mail text and the recipient mail address always remains the same.

  • You send an email to,
  • In the subject of your e-mail, enter the SMS text.
  • In the text field of your mail enter the LOX24 access data, sender ID and recipient number: ID#APIKeyV1#Service ID#Sender#Recipient. Example:

We will then forward the SMS with the text from the subject of the mail to the phone number from the mail text. Your desired sender will be used.

Bulk SMS

Email with bulk group

You create a bulk list in our system via web interface or API. All phone numbers of this list will then receive the mail you sent as SMS.

The recipient address of the mail contains your customer no. (User-ID), your API-Key v2 and the ID of the bulk group. Example:

Additional parameters

You can add additional optional parameters to the destination mail address one after the other:

SMS Type: We usually transmit your SMS as Direct SMS. But you can also pass the SMS type as a parameter in the mail address with ‘economy’, ‘pro’ or ‘direct’.

Sender: If you do not enter a sender ID, your SMS will be sent with the sender email2group. However, you can also save your own sender on our website and pass the sender ID in the mail address.

Text: By default, a combination of subject and mail text is transmitted in the SMS text. Via parameter 1 only the subject is transmitted and with parameter 2 only the mail text.

Encoding: The SMS are normally sent as GSM SMS. However, you can also use Unicode here via parameter 1.


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