LOX24 transforms into LOX24 GmbH

Berlin cloud telecommunications service contractor LOX24 has finished converting into LOX24 GmbH.
This paves the way for the IT-Business to further expand and internationalize their services.

The change of legal structure from sole trader to LOX24 GmbH happened retroactively on June 1st, 2015 and was effectively entered in the commercial register on 30th of Sept. 2015. With this, the company stays abreast to the positive development of the last years. With state of the art communications interfaces, expertise, and reliable service, LOX24 became one of Germany’s leading Application to Person (A2P) Mobile Messaging provider.
Due to a transparent product portfolio and with trendsetting IT solutions, LOX24 was able to successfully secure its position on top of the branch, against their strong competitors.

The founder and current owner, Mr. Miguel Bastl, has been appointed as CEO. With this, the stability of the company is expressed, as well as a promise for continuous and successful cooperation with customers and suppliers.

„With straightforward and specialized interfaces for the transmission of text messages we enabled companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to efficiently communicate with their customers. The constant orientation for our customers needs and the application of an open innovation approach led to the acquisition of vital market shares. Today, we are able to present an impressive list of successful projects and satisfied patrons. We decided to change the legal form in order to further advance this successful development. These structural changes give us the opportunity for a continuous positive development and the acquisition of new markets and interesting new technologies in the next years.“ Miguel Bastl, CEO of LOX24 GmbH

With this, the transformation into a corporation, which was planned and known for a long time, is completed, giving more entrepreneurial flexibility and various opportunities to the company.

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