How can real estate agents use SMS appointment reminders?

Over time, and thanks to technological advances, the work of real estate agents has changed. All those who have succeeded and who wish to remain in the market have chosen to evolve along with their environment. This has led to the incorporation and implementation of innovative strategies and activities. In this process of adapting to the environment, they have implemented the use of tools that offer a very complete performance. Not only that, but it facilitates the management and day-to-day running of the business. Therefore, their main objective will always be to increase your sales.

Remember, the more efficient you are in your performance, the more money you can earn. Increase your responsiveness and, above all, your efficiency.

As a real estate professional your time will always be one of your most important assets. Organize your schedule of calls, visits and reminders. You will see the results reflected positively in your productivity.

Now, an application such as Google Calendar is the best option; this way you can have reminders and alarms that will give value to the time you spent planning and organizing.

So what our system does is to synchronize with your Google calendar account and configure it to send the reminders you want and they are sent automatically. In such reminders can be accompanied with the date of the appointment, title of the event, location of the house to visit. Reminders can be sent either one hour in advance or more hours in advance.

Client information will be used only for the purposes provided by the real estate agent and will not be shared on other platforms.

We offer the following types of product lines:

  • Economy: it is cheaper for advertising, this line assures you the delivery of the sms 95%, the duration of the sending is variable, delivery cannot be guaranteed, sender’s ID.
  • Pro: for important notifications, shipping is fast, delivery to almost all networks worldwide, delivery security is 99%, sender ID for many countries.
  • Direkt: for critical applications, 99.9% delivery reliability, very fast delivery, sender ID for many countries, guaranteed delivery for almost all networks

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