Bulk SMS with Shortlink Tracking

With our new SMS marketing tool, you can finally measure clicks and conversion of your SMS campaigns. See in real time which recipients clicked on your links.

SMS campaigns with tracking

SMS über den SMS Gateway versenden

Short links and SMS tracking

With the help of our SMS marketing tool you can add links to your bulk SMS. Upon request, we will convert these links into a shortlink. This allows us to record for you how often the links in your SMS are clicked and, together with advanced tracking, even who has clicked on your SMS and who has not.

In addition, the shortlink also saves you a few valuable characters in your text and thus SMS costs.

Our shortlinks can be opened on all common smartphones without any problems. Often even directly with a preview of your website.

SMS shortlinks via web

Directly from our website you can send your bulk SMS. As soon as you insert a link into the SMS text, our system will offer you to convert the link into a short link. Everything else is done automatically for you by our system in the background.

Afterwards, you can easily view the results of your SMS in the campaign menu and evaluate the reports.

SMS über den SMS Gateway versenden

Short link bulk SMS API

You can also access our link functionality via our SMS API. Automatically create short links with our tracking function via the SMS interface and retrieve the reports afterwards via API as well. This allows you to integrate our powerful SMS marketing function directly into your application while evaluating the data completely automatically.

Next generation SMS campaigns

SMS marketing with success control

Various interfaces

You can send the SMS campaigns via web interface or also integrate them into your own application via API.

Click tracking

Our system records all clicks on the links in your SMS and, if desired, which recipient clicked on the links.

Delivery reports

You will see who has successfully received your SMS. This allows you to easily remove invalid phone numbers from your bulk lists.

European data protection

We are located in Germany and the General Data Protection Regulation is guaranteed, thus your customers' data is protected.

Newsletter functions

You can also add subscribe and unsubscribe functionality for your SMS newsletters automatically and thus send your SMS mailing legally.

Real-time evaluation

The delivery and success evaluation reports are available to you in real time at any time, including an export function.

SMS Campaign Testing!

You can register with us without any obligation and test the functionality of our web interface and API together with 50 cents free credit.