3 Ways SMS Fuel Companies Growth and Enhance User Experience

Most of us see SMS as a simple tool to quickly short message, but SMS can be more than just an easy way of sending information for business. Many companies are relying on Application-to-Person, also known as A2P SMS to deliver messages to mobile subscribers. With over 5 billion subscribers worldwide with 90% capable of sending and receiving SMS, SMS is the most ubiquitous communication channel in the world today. New dynamics help companies to include their customers in their apps in new and innovative ways. By the connections, it allows companies to deliver SMS to their target market and their customer in an instance. Here are several ways companies can use SMS.

SMS for Financial services and payments

The banking sector, financial services, and payment sectors have all opened mobile channels to make payments and purchase services more accessible to customers. For instance, M-peas, a micro-financing service and mobile money transfer service in Africa, allows customers to receive and send money via SMS. Similarly, PayPal offers the same service where customers can request and send money via SMS.

Financial service and mobile banking also allow people to request updates and mini-statements via texts. For example. HSBC provides a messaging banking service that allows them to send customized alerts to their customers. For them, they send a customized alert service with balance, and a mini-statement and just a certain amount of transactions below. This way they help their customers aware of how they are spending money without having to log into their bank accounts.

When it comes to dealing with security issues when it has to deal with payments and purchase, 2FA plays a key role. 2FA ensures that user accounts are less likely to be hacked as it keeps user private financial information secure by using a dual authentication process.

Catch customer at the right moment to purchase by SMS

SMS marketing is a perfect and effective option for real-time specials and offers. It is a perfect complement to email and existing digital channels. SMS offers customers a choice over where, how and when they hear from brands. It has a strong appeal for reaching and engaging your customers. It is a kind of promotional lift that has higher response rates than emails.

With the higher rate, SMS gives the brand the opportunity to connect with their customers who opt to receive text messages as a way of engaging with their brands. Engaged customers are likely to participate in surveys, updates, loyalty programs and coupons. SMS also helps foster a deeper connection between brands and an individual. Small business like home cleaning services, spas and hair salons can give their best customers the last minute availability or inform them about service cancellation. It’s a win, win situation for both customer and brands.

Hotels can use A2P messaging to inform their guest about special offers, late check outs or a summary of their charges. The guest on their side can either accept and decline the offers, start checking out through 2-way SMS or ask questions back to the help desk. Even with email and calls, SMS provides brand and customers valuable moments that might have gone unnoticed.

Request information for customer support SMS

Customer support and service is the most challenging aspect of businesses, especially if they can’t get feedback from customers. Companies can make things easier for support agents and customers with a 2-way SMS. From simple questions to quick answers, 2-way SMS provides an alternative to email support or phone calls. There are applications for 2-way SMS available for customer services and support. Customers can switch to text messaging or can contact support directly through SMS. Since customer support agents have a contact phone number already, if needed, they can switch to SMS too.

Companies can also use A2P or SMS API to request information from customers. When you want customer response about what they think about your brand, products, and services, there is no better and quicker channel than SMS. Most people don’t like to open new apps or receive intrusive calls, but short formatted surveys and questions will most likely hold their attention.

Let say you take a client to the airport. Asking them about their experience might be a hassle. Sending them an email might not be read or end up in the junk email. But when you send SMS asking them for feedback, it catches their attention and you will get the freshest feedback immediately.

It’s hard to think that SMS would not benefit your brand. From banking, financial services like purchasing and payments, A2P, SMS gateway, SMS API and 2FA are set to drive growth in businesses. The only question remaining is when you will incorporate SMS into your business.

Image: © GaudiLab – Fotolia.com

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